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Katherine Fergusson is a licensed paralegal in Ottawa with experience in Highway Traffic Act Matters and other charges under the Provincial Offences Act. If your case is in Toronto, or elsewhere in Ontario (including Brockville, Cornwall, Pembroke, Burlington, Oshawa, Brampton, Newmarket or anywhere else in the province) we can help you find a paralegal to assist you in those Courts. Contact us and learn more.


David Anber is one of the top Criminal Lawyers in Ottawa. David practices in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Pembroke, Brockville, Cornwall and across Quebec and Ontario. Although David focuses primarily on alcohol related driving offences and domestic assault, David has a great deal of experience with drug cases, robbery, theft, fraud and all other offences under the Criminal Code, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and Youth Criminal Justice Act. Contact us to learn more or you can reach David at David@DynamicLegal.ca


Dynamic Legal Solutions will help you find an affordable defence lawyer or paralegal quickly and easily. We have helped hundreds of people find the lawyer or paralegal that helped them successfully defend their case. We guarantee that you will receive an initial free consultation and questions submitted through our site are usually responded to the same day if not within minutes. Ask a free question now.


Being charged with a criminal offence requires professional and experienced assistance from a lawyer. Dynamic Legal Solutions is a company dedicated to helping you find a lawyer or paralegal who is right for you. We can make recommendations for representation for a wide range of offences, including alcohol related driving offences (DUI / Impaired Driving / DWI / Refusal / Over 80 / Drinking and Driving), theft, fraud, assault, domestic assault, sexual assault, drug offences such as possession or trafficking and even traffic offenses. Having the right criminal lawyers in Ottawa representing your interests is vital when you want to obtain the best possible outcomes for your charges.
Dynamic Legal Solutions helps people find a lawyer to navigate them throughout the entire court process, from their initial bail hearing, pre-trial hearings, trial, and if necessary, any appeals. Criminal lawyers in Ottawa ensure the rights of clients are protected at all times offering every legal defence to the charge and protection of constitutional Charter rights.

Lawyers at an Ottawa criminal law firm suggested by Dynamic Legal Solutions, are not afraid to ask the difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions when defending your case. They do not back down, nor do they take the first plea agreement offered by the Crown unless it’s an excellent outcome. These criminal lawyers in Ottawa have the knowledge, expertise, and determination to defend any criminal offense case in court. Each client represented receives the full attention of the lawyer working on their case and a dedication to get an acquittal where possible or otherwise a resolution which suits the needs of the client.

Do not make the mistake others make by attempting to represent their interests on their own or with court appointed criminal lawyers. If you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offense, you need the best legal representation working on your behalf, no matter whether it is a traffic ticket or a more serious charge, like robbery, criminal negligence, drug trafficking or even homicide.

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