Dynamic Legal Solutions was founded as a paralegal firm in Ottawa in 2006 when its founder, David Anber, was still in law school studying to become a lawyer. Within a year, Mr. Anber had made a name for himself defending over 100 cases across Ottawa, Toronto and around the province of Ontario.

In 2007, the Law Society of Upper Canada changed many of the rules governing corporations that could offer legal services. Mr. Anber continued to practice under his own name and DynamicLegal Solutions became a place where people in Toronto and Ottawa paralegal to fight traffic tickets and minor criminal charges.

Since 2009, Dynamic Legal Solutions has been your one stop shop to find paralegals and criminal lawyers who practice in Ottawa, Toronto and across the province of Ontario and Quebec. Dynamic Legal Solutions proudly recommends David Anber to fight any criminal charges in Ottawa, Toronto and across Quebec and Ontario and Kristia Kerrigan, a licenced paralegal. If they cannot assist you they along with the assistance of Dynamic Legal Solutions will help you find an option which is suited to your needs.

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Dynamic Legal Solutions recommends the services of David Anber, a criminal lawyer in Ottawa who practices in Brockville, Cornwall, Montreal, Toronto and across Quebec and Ontario.


David Anber believes that anybody charged with any offence ranging from the most minor ticket to the most daunting criminal charges should have a strong advocate in their corner. David Anber does not bill by the hour, he is one of the few criminal lawyers Ottawa who almost always charges a flat fee and tailors financial arrangements to the need of the additional client.

David Anber has had great success in Court in getting charges dismissed, sentences significantly reduced and outcomes that might have appeared impossible.

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If you have been charged with any criminal offence in Toronto, Ottawa or anywhere in Quebec or Ontario, do not plead guilty and don’t represent yourself. There are often options to help you. Don’t risk a criminal record, don’t risk going to jail, high fines or other serious consequences associated with criminal charges.
You can contact David Anber, at his criminal law office in Ottawa or Toronto 24hrs/day:

From Ottawa: 613-755-4008

From Toronto: 416-833-3155

Toll Free: 1-888-989-3946

By Fax: 1-888-989-3947

By e-mail: ask@davidanber.com